TOF Update: learning and R&D

Dear Squirrels. Here’s another dose of news about Tails of Fury.

We’ve submitted to show our game at Magfest (If you have never heard of Magfest, its a pretty cool music and games festival in Maryland) this year so potentially look out for us there!

We’ve also got some new interns who will be blogging about their experience while working on the game. Their names are Eric Knittel and Ivey Yao and they are working on graphics and animation, respectively.

I’ve been kind of all over the place as far as development goes, learning more about the Unreal engine, modeling Suzie and also learning some Substance Painter. Here’s me fooling around with it:


I still don’t know how to paint in alpha into the mesh so some parts, like the eye lashes and the chain on her belt are still unfinished. For painting I actually appreciate Mudbox more because it has a nicer UI and sculpting capability. Mudbox, however, is lacking one important feature: the ability to mask out parts of the mesh when you paint. You can mask out what you sculpt but for some reason its not the same case with painting. Weird huh?

Substance Painter, like a lot of powerful modern 3D (ZBrush I’m looking at you) apps are a mess with it comes to UI but they pack a punch when it comes to features. I guess features outweigh ease of use these days, which makes the graphic designer cry a little!

On that note, that’ll wrap it up for today. Look out for more news soon!

Roman Sharf

Lead Furball Specialist

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