They’re Just 2D Animations in a 3D World

We’re psyched to have had Stephanie join the team recently! Stephanie comes to us from the Parsons School of Design where she is studying illustration and graphic design, with a particular focus on game art. Already, she’s dived right in and has come up with some beautiful work!

Over the past month or so, she’s been working on animations for a lesser-known ToF character – the elusive Ninja:


Specifically, Stephanie’s been cranking out his idle, running, and attack animations.

Here’s a quick outline of her process:

  • First, she brainstorms on paper what she wants to transfer through the actions of the character, and sketches them out either on paper or whiteboard. In Ninja’s case, since he’s a sneaky and flexible character, she really wanted to highlight specific poses that would show off those qualities. She often uses body-kun, a professional drawing model, as a tool to help work out some of the more complicated poses.

Image uploaded from iOS IMG_20170518_113525

  • After brainstorming / sketching out specific poses, she then moves into Aseprite, an animated sprite editor & pixel art tool. She starts out by sketching each animation with big strokes just to transfer the features of the character.
  • Once the broad strokes are complete, she then adds a little detailing: bold lines, colors, etc.

Check out these WIP gif of Ninja animations – attacking and running:

Ninja_running1  Attack_animation_2

She’s also been sketching out some enemy designs, adding to our growing fantasy world:

enemy6 enemy5 enemy4 enemy3 enemy2 IMG_20170611_170324

We look forward to more dynamic, awesome stuff from Stephanie!

Yiyi Zhang

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