Tails of Fury Update Dec 2016

Hey folks. We’ve got another development update today. Things have been going kind of slow lately do to life issues (like paying rent and other fun things) so that’s why there hasn’t been too many updates on the site. Through it all we’re still toiling and working on the game as much as we can!

Shading style experiments

We’ve been experimenting with the look of Tails of Fury by trying out different shading models as well is texture experiments. Right now we’re trying out an outlined look, similar to games like Borderlands or The Wolf Among Us. Both of those titles have amazing non photo-realistic (NPR) styles that we drool over.

Here’s a screenshot from Substance Painter:


Gif showing the differences of outlines vs no outlines in Suzie’s base texture

And here’s how it’s looking in the actual game:


In game view of Suzie with texture outlines combined with Post process outlines


I’m not happy with the texture outlines yet as they are still a bit rough but I think it looks interesting so far with the silhouetted outline, which is done in Unreal Engine by Eric Knittel, our awesome graphics intern. We’re also using a great asset that we found in the Unreal Marketplace: Character Cel Shading Pack. This asset contains some very powerful materials that let you achieve an NPR or cartoony style. We’re using it to define Suzie’s belt, gloves, fur, etc. We want the metal to look metallic while maintaining a cartoony look.

Jasper the Ninja


WIP of Jasper’s model in Maya

Jasper’s model is coming along. I am almost done modeling it, I just need to finish up his tote bag and add some details here and there on his belt and straps. After that I will start on UV’ing him. I’m really digging this character and I can’t wait to see how he comes out!


Level Design

The level design has some small updates but its still very much a work in progress:


WIP screenshot of the first Tails of Fury level in Maya

The toughest part about level design is that it’s more important to create an interesting journey for the player as opposed to making it look cool. If the gameplay sucks then it doesn’t matter if you have cool textures or interesting models. That’s definitely a struggle for me, as, a natural game designer I am not! I have to constantly remind myself not to noodle around with the models as I build mechanics into the level.

One interesting part of the level design process has been this addition:


A WIP shot of a platforming puzzle for Jasper

This is a puzzle that only Jasper can do. It involves quickly jumping from mushroom to mushroom until he gets to the top of the cliff. I got this idea from Darksiders 2 (which probably got it from another game). I can’t test this out until Jasper is all rigged up and has animations however, so for now its all theory.

Well that’s about it for today. Thanks for tuning in to our progress and stay tuned for more cool updates! I’ll leave you to ponder this picture of squirrels fighting with light sabers.lightsaber-squirrels

Roman Sharf

Lead Furball Specialist

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