Busy Busy Squirrels

Hey Furry friends! Sorry for being MIA for so long and depriving you of juicy Tails of Fury development bits.
I’ve been on a grueling deadline at my day job and I’ve managed to move out on my own (I’m a Brooklynite now!).
These “distractions” plus new technical hurdles have slowed development down to a frustrating halt.
The good news is that cool stuff is coming your way soon. We have new concept art and cool level designs in the works and I can’t wait to share it with you!
One cool thing I’m going to try soon is to stream the concept art process on twitch. Watch out for that later in the week and hop on the twitch channel and say hello if you’re around.
Here’s a screen shot of the concept art I will be streaming. Its a good 80% done but there’s still some stuff to do. Hope you join me for the journey!
 Castle Concept Art in Progress
Roman Sharf

Lead Furball Specialist

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